Thursday, June 11, 2009

Farewell California & Hello Molnaria!

It's been an epic saga getting out of California. We just made our final trip to get the last of our stuff; mostly very heavy equipment such as Geoff's vertical mill and my printing press. We spent 5 days sorting, packing and loading everything. Friday afternoon we were ready to go! We went to the weigh station only to learn that our load was WAY too heavy, so we went back, unpacked, ditched several thousand pounds worth of stuff. By 10:00 pm we were ready to go (again). We stopped at a rest stop in N. CA and slept in the truck for 3 hours then continued on. In Oregon, as we were coming down the Willamette Pass, the brakes failed! We pulled over safely and after an hour or two Geoff had the breaks working again. We crept along at 15 mph until we were at the bottom of the mountain. Geoff spent another couple of hours working on the truck. It was late and we were hungry. We managed to find a McDonald's that was open...but only the drive through. The truck with the trailer wouldn't fit, so we walked through. After dinner we slept in the truck again. The next day we made it to Vancouver, WA where my Uncle Mark and his family live. We showered and slept in beds. It was awesome! Geoff spent the next day, yeah that's right, working on the truck. Back on the road Monday...and Monday night around 9:00 pm we were home!

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